The purpose of the workshop is to build capacity and provide guidance on how to establish and sustain effective national clearing‑house mechanisms (CHM), in line with decision X/15 and in support of the national biodiversity strategies and action plans (NBSAPs).

Научный консультативный орган, известный как Вспомогательный орган по научным, техническим и технологическим консультациям (ВОНТТК), учрежден в соответствии со статьей 25 Конвенции с целью предоставления Конференции Сторон (КС) и, при необходимости, другим ее вспомогательным органам своевременных


Assessing needs and opportunities for a regional ambition

The overall aim of the workshop is to support Parties in developing and implementing national plans on the restoration of forests and other ecosystems in the context of the short-term action plan on ecosystem restoration.  Participating

On this International Bat Night, Rainforest Trust would like to celebrate our work with National Trust of Fiji and Bat Conservation International. In July 2018, we created the first ever bat sanctuary in Fiji by officially protecting over 20 acres of land near the Nakanacagi Cave, which is home to